As an agent for HSP, Inc. and INCO Engineering, Nickel City Steel Limited offers complete mining hoists and conveyance solutions for vertical, inclined, and horizontal transport in underground and open pit mines.

Extensive production capabilities include frictional and drum hoists, (both of varying construction and with outputs of up to 2 x 5500 kW), skips, cages, and transport containers of varying types and sizes (including accessories, winding pulleys, mine-signaling systems and communication systems), fully automated loading and unloading skip stations, wagon-pushers, wagon-tipper stations, tracked wagon circuits, conveyors and mine-ventilators (including drives and regulators).

Additional systems include modernization and reconstructions of aged mining hoists and associated equipment, be it our own products or those manufactured by others. These systems include DC and AC drives, thyristor converters, digital drive regulators, microprocessor control systems, LV/HV distributors, digitalized control panels, air-conditioned cabins, various electro-hydraulic braking systems, disc-brake units, electro-pneumatic braking systems, automated systems of bearing lubrication, central systems of visualization of operational and faulty conditions and remote monitoring systems enabling data transportation.

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